The Comeback of The Rumpus Room

Rumpus Room is back in town!! So glad they are here again, the place reminded me so much of the bars I go to in Melbourne and I felt totally at ease there, plus it had an interesting variety of drinks! Haha and fun!

This is a tribute to them and hope they are here to stay considering the estate value and rent has gone up exponentially here in Mount Pleasant!
The colours I chose are inspired by their quirky decor and wallpaper designs. It turned out looking like it was from a cartoon! 😉

Done with watercolor and ink on cold press paper.

Sam Kee Building

Sam Kee Building is located in Chinatown, Vancouver. Very popular with the tourists, apart from that it’s a historical building it is The Shallowest Commercial Building on the Guinness books being six foot wide!

I decided to bring back some of it’s old world charm and the life it had in the 1900s like the shops and bathhouse that used to reside there in this illustration.

Done with watercolor and ink on cold press paper.